Thomas Merryman

Camera Operation • Photography • Lighting Design



From the young age of ten, I was drawn to the media and production world. I could never quite pinpoint what it was exactly, but while most people might be drawn to the stage or drawn to the lens, I found myself instead behind a console and looking through a viewfinder. Beginning with the simple task of running graphics (lyrics) for my church, I soon began to look around me for where I wanted to expand my knowledge next, and I soon discovered lighting design. While my first interactions with a lighting console consisted of little more than executing another person’s cues, I strove to learn to create my own shows and be able to do the work of a lighting designer. As time passed, I began designing and programming, moving my knowledge across multiple consoles types, including Hog 3, GrandMA, MA2, along with some interactions on ETC and Jands systems as well.


Alongside my passion for lighting, I found myself enamored with camera operation, specifically the use of stabilizers and jibs. Not one to miss an opportunity to learn, at age 12, I began operating cameras in a live production environment, working every position from simple wide shot work down to the lead cam doing tight follow. When I was fortunate enough to cross paths with special events coming through my area, I assisted operators in order to learn as much as I could about their craft. When the time came for my home church to purchase a jib, I was elected to be the first operator and also to train others in its safe and effective use. Having logged time on Stanton Triangle and Cam Mate jibs alike, I looked to achieve my next goal of learning to operate a Steadicam. Currently I am working with Zephyr and Pilot stabilizers in projects both in my college classes and in private projects as well as teaching basic operation to fellow students in college-hosted workshops. With the ever-changing atmosphere in the realms of both live and studio production, I work to stay abreast of what is current and effective for a variety of applications, ensuring that I can quickly adapt and focus my abilities for the best results in that specific environment.

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